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I see a falling light wavering down in the night

I try to quiet my mind but my dreams are so bright

If I could learn to speak maybe I could let you know

But I can’t sense the words so I should just let it go

Are you looking at me?

I can’t see

You don’t know who I used to be

Are you talking to me?

I can’t hear

I will love what I used to fear

Why don’t you know

Why don’t you know

Look at me look at look at me

Don’t you see?

It’s so easy

Speak to me speak to speak to me

Like a dream

Like I'm dreaming

I try to remember what it felt like just to be

A person without care feeling so simple and free

If I could learn to hear maybe I would realize

But I can sense the words falling like stars in the night

I’m dancing I'm dancing under the moon

Whenever I speak just a word to you


Traveling always moving on

In the dark of night are you alright

I first saw you many years ago

On this very road how was I to know

When we go running through reveries

I won’t look back at all the dark

If you are near to me

Unknown roads all that we’ve ever known

With stars the only source of light upon the place we roam

Moving on move along under constellations

Traveling never finding home

I will never know why you go

Won’t you ever find the thing it is

That you’re looking for always wanting more


Long after it’s over does the love echo on

Glance over my shoulder

So you weren’t really gone

Don’t follow the sound

Of the tone that resounds

Of the static as it floats through the air

I tried not to see

So your words followed me

So I'm telling them to go back to you

Just when it was time to move on

Then I heard an I heard an echo

Just when I thought it was over

Then I heard an I heard a hello

Love echoes on after it’s gone

Reflecting by

Wait for no reply

I can’t help but listen

When the song carries on

Humming to the music

So long after you’re gone


Luminous, beautiful in time

Shining in the glow

It’s only for now

Cloudless sky

Nothing underlies

All the notes that sing you

Lows and highs

Temporary charm

Just for now there is no harm

Everything we see is passing by

Take it in take in everything

Breathe in all before you looking around


Isn’t there a humming sound in the air?

Edges incurves of a place that’s somewhere

Reminiscing of when I was adrift into

A kind of déjà vu

Changing every instant

But I am sure it’s true

Harmonic love of you

Vivid blue

In a lucid dream

Curling along its seams

Why do all these signs

Seem like they beckon me?

Trailing sparks of light that dance in my eyes

Glints of glare are hovering in the night


Watching from the window at the city streets

Faces in a blur of unfamiliar

Seeing from a distance, this becomes my world

Dreaming as the rain is falling down

Colour of the sky

Mirrored in your eyes

Makes the city lights shine brighter than the sunlight

Seasons come and go

Sitting by the glow

But I never thought this view would be familiar

Glass world

Glass world

Never even noticed that I spoke no words

Gauzy in my silent calm just seeing

Does it pass me by or take me on the ride

As I sit and watch behind the clear walls


It felt just like we had met long ago, long ago

Your face brought back things I couldn't have known, all alone

Flowing endlessly

Every memory

With every single word you speak

A recollection

With every story that you tell

A new reflection

Wondering wondering why you keep me

Wondering wondering why

I know that i've never seen you before, you before

But still I feel like I know all the more, all the more


Once upon we walked along

On streets so far away

Sunday mornings in a different time

As the light drapes over me  

A vision fills my sight

Feeling all my senses come to life

Could it be a part of me?

Wonder what it’s like

Seeing you reliving you again

Drink it in

It’ll never be so beautiful here again

Take it in

You won’t get to keep the memories

In an old reality an absence of a dream

Was it really as I make it seem?

As the light it disappears a vision leaves my sight

Things that were have left unto the night


In a little while I know you’ll see

There’s a truth in what you said to me

I am trying not to think too much

‘Cause reality is harsh to touch

When I see you there’s no word

To describe it my feelings are unheard

Does it matter, should it change?

I can’t reach you before you rearrange

Where we were seems far away from where we are

Suddenly the streetlights look like shooting stars

I am hoping I can change

Can I reach you before you rearrange?

Does it matter, is it real?

But i’m sure it’s not just something I feel

When my feelings cut so piercingly

I don’t know just what is right for me

I am trying not to think too long

I can’t let the worry grow too strong


Unexpectedly with a sudden clarity

I understand what once seemed so far away

Waking in the night I can sense it like a sign

It seems so strange to know what to say

Now that I have learned the notes

I shift with every intonation

Kinetically obsessively lost in a phrase

Now that I have learned the notes

It’s hard to separate the notes from the melody

They intertwine infinitely

Quietly, quietly

The melody, the melody, I feel it endlessly

Another time another voice

I sense the notes repeat

When you talk me with a sudden empathy

I understand what once seemed so far away

Waking in the night I can sense it like a sign

It seems so strange to know what to say


Walking through evening blue

Farther than i’m used to

People keep passing by

Past edges of my eye

There’s no time i’m going ’til

I’m just walking where I will

There’s no place i’m keeping still

I’m just walking where I will

In the cold evening air nowhere

Cars go by no one in sight nowhere

Have you been there?

Running under the blue

Faster than i’m used to

Blurred hues are flowing by



A long way home, now

A long way home…


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