Microforms [Album, 2014] - Lyrics
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Negative or positive, your naked eye can’t see

Winding and rewinding me to find the words you need

A matrix of micro planetary photo

A filmstrip to make grow

Monocular tableau

I’m just waiting if you take the time

I’m just hiding in between the lines

All you see is dust and wear

You look but cannot glean

The little words that compose me

Read only by machine


Another century a changing memory

Uncanny lands that I have never seen

My eyes are blocked at night

But I can see so wide

Visions decay the moment that I wake

I wish that I could see

A place as grand as these

In heedful hours I can switch between

The sense of time is lost

Transient patterns stopped

Words don't encode themselves in consciousness

Talk with me in memories

And I'll pretend you'll never leave

Our invented history

Replayed without the misery

Talk with me in memories

Your language isn't clear to me

Speech is just a mystery

The words are striving to be freed

Our preceding days enacted in a dream

Strangers like us reflected on the screen

Another narrative to cast into the sky

We watch in sleep while never asking why


I’ve changed overnight by erstwhile light

Singular allure a fall to endure

Your light a beaming sun reflecting on the ocean

Your face a silver screen for character ever seen

Amber light in my eye

The rays of your flare draw heat through the air

Monarch of the sea, castle in debris

It’s all in absolute, I will remain in pursuit

Of light that flows on through

Into my angle of view

Amber light in my eye

Tears of electric bright


Outlines form a shape you can't see

Strategies that lurk underneath

Look to what the surface can't show

If you think there's nothing below

Now I seem too fractured and mean

Falter like a broken machine

Covering is fractured in two

Don't you know it's broken for you

It's just a little bit quiet

It's just a broken machine

It's just a little bit quiet

It's not as calm as it seems

Circuits bent the system is down

Signal out I can't hear the sound

Galaxies concealed and contained

Lurking under casing like veins


Adapt to the rhythm of my new patterns

Irrational tones have split and scattered

No one else knows

Why the scale goes on

Manifests in a broken song

Counteracting what went wrong

Til I'm certain it belongs

I follow the steps of a dance stride gliding

My motion towards a space to hide in


Delicate hum hearing the strum of a song far away

Reverberates and I know

I’ve been unkind, using my mind as an excuse for

Nothing more than lies

I turned around…

I know I can be better and I have changed

More than I could ever say


Dream voices singing softly

Touch my hands, make this be real

Strewn with quiet, close my eyes

Dancing lights please be mine

Sea drifting, sleep comes silent

This rebirth washes you clean…


Speak to me to anyone to anyone but me

Lost beneath the tapestry of ordinary speech

Speak to me to anyone to anyone but me

I was once the absent one, the one you couldn’t reach

Look at me at anyone and tell me what you see

Spy beneath exterior to seek a guarantee

Whisper it to yourself, sound out the words

If it’s not to me, won’t you speak to anyone?

There is not a sound too profound, too overdone


Will you put on a tie or a ribbon

Will you pigment the canvas you’re given

Is your language innate or performance

Who has written the notes of the chorus

Your face falls out concealment

You’ll re-learn how you will return to the

Quiet you knew long ago when

Fear was easily overthrown

You’ve been given a role you’ve rejected

Hope your sacrifice will be accepted

Try to deflect when they ask you questions

They cause harm only if you have let them


Shifting images deviate their forms

They realign, once I start to see they redefine

Why can I never make up my mind

I resolve that I’ll never decide

When it’s time to draw the final line

Hollow enterprise pointless to reprise

The energy

Did it ever mean that much to me?

Why can I never unfold the page

I resolve that I’ll never explain

When it’s time for me to rearrange

Never to be sure

Falling for the allure

Withdraw then proceed

Certain to mislead

See the others reach where I long to be

I realign but I never reach the final line


Internal work of artistry made up of bone and cartilage

They serve to break rigidity so it may reach maturity

I need to outgrow to cultivate

Teach me how to originate

Dwindled down to scanty resource

Pulled by gravitational force

I want to elevate I want to move

I’m pulled by gravitational force

Held downward through this happenstance

Release me from this stagnant dance

wrapped in a cloak of satin sheet

throw me out on the city streets

Pull me into electric heat

Can you suffice the thirst in me

Fall to the ground as I react

To physical bodies that attract

Pulled by gravitational force


Valerio suspirio

I haven’t fallen out you know

My love it is artless like a baby in the woods

I’ve never fallen quite so low

I still hear the whispers of a promise never kept

Let’s erase remembrance let me breathe again

Once I was contented can’t remember when

And they float away, these words I say

So I guess it couldn’t be the way I wanted

We were haunted by the past we tried to flee

And I’m truly sure that what’s most pure

Is the promise and eternal lure

That never comes to be

You just crave it endlessly

And I wish that I could change my mind

If I can’t be forgiven

For this silence is the greatest hell that I could have envisioned

I never know which way to go

I’m peering through the heavy snow

To find another answer but I know it’s all in vain

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