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Cut your hair

Just to feel a change in air

Become a new face

If there's nobody in sight tonight

Idol worship high fleeting

Alter form to ease being

Smile instead and paint lips red

Don't believe what you've been led

Forth to believe

You never needed anybody

You never needed to be near me

And if you do just what you want aimless

You've been so shameless

With your brand new eyes the lies

Pour from you like tears I fear

Pour from you like tears


Stirred by a broken chord

The notes descend to

Words I have heard before

The tones unending

Whisper of a poetry

A chain of words repeating endlessly

There is no tangle in the circuitry

No disagreement in the guarantee

Tender these amenities

Crafting new identities

Shadowing our dormant minds

Solitude is how we hide

Once more you can begin

You listen to the

Sounds as they pull within

And multiply this


The places least explored

The written plans blown away

The years reflected in water and light

The consequence of decay

A hundred years or more

You walked in your uniform

You saw the sea felt the salinity

And felt a new energy

I can hear it

Echo through me

Can it be we uncovered a new season

Echo through me

In the sea waiting for a better reason


When you've grown above the ground

Breath is flowing all around

With nothing to lift you forth

Will the surface pull you down

Nurture you from infancy

Foster your philosophy

Do physical elements

Dampen innate sentiment


Harvest and rebirth

Dust returns to earth

Future histories

Source of ancient seas

Our tragic hunters tire

Of the journey they've transpired

Cast their gold armors aside

When creation myths have died

Watch for the winged lantern

That casts glow upon the night

The rain made of opaque prism

In turn will absorb the light

Empty offerings

From spiritual disease

An ordinary face

That brings you to your knees


An alternation in sound

Mechanical waves send you up off the ground

The noise of vibrating strings

The sound waves react, hear the quiet resound

Anyone could listen in

Is my whisper so loud that I'm pulling within

All the noises swell and flare

But my voice makes no sound

These are the words of disease

The symbols and sounds make your identity

The source of all that we see

Is trapped by the unconscious psychology


When I'm awake I listen to the seams

Tearing in me

Isn't wasting fascinating

I am immersed in nothing much at all

Make me enthralled

I'm listening but not taking in

Any slight thing


Time elapses, time begins

Calculation serves no end

Electric monitor records

Till your senses take offense

Striving for the bottom line

Do intentions intertwine?

Gather wool and gather light

To your face they feign such charm

I'll be gracious I'll be good

I promised that I would

I'll be gracious I'll be good

Don't say a word it's understood


Words are slow to move

Guidance soothes from far away

So tell us now how it is we should behave

This passive dance we fall into

Leisurely we start anew

Throw air to fire

Collapse but can I elevate

Chemical change

Alters my temperature anew

Atoms charged create this glow

Transmit waves like radio

Every breath leaves a mark

Right through glare

Every touch makes a spark

That burns through air

I wait to know when the time is right for speaking

And when eyes lock

We will know it's time for leaving

When you speak it leaves a scar

Cuts the skin just like a shard


Depth of nothing of nothing

Hum the song of disjointed speak

Floating through delirium

Incoherent mystique mistaken

Unanswered favors

Idolize inamorata


Idol worship

Crosses and figures

Dividing space

Cutting through empty

Precarious place

Your love has torn

What rags were left

And left me open

Lone bereft

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